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We are a member of NAPIT and are fully qualified Electrician Leicester.

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All of our electrical installations comply with the current 17th Edition BS7671 and hold a guarantee of quality workmanship.

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Part P is for your Property your house and any electrical alterations such as extra sockets or extra lights, a consumer unit change over from the old re-wire-able fuses to the modern twin RCD/MCB 17th edition consumer unit then you will need a part P registered Electrician. We will issue you a part P certificate on completion of any electrical works that are carried out on your property. Qualified Electrician Leicester.

Does Your Fuse Board Look Like This

Old Fuse Board

Have a look at this fuse board, does your fuse board at home look anything like this. If it does them it is

17th Edition Fuse Board

time you considered an upgrade to the latest 17th edition fuse board. These old fuse boards DO NOT have the SAFETY protection like the new 17th Edition Fuse boards. The new 17th edition fuses boards will trip out any circuit that should suddenly develop a fault of some kind. These faults could be anything for example if you are mowing the lawn and you accidentally run over the electric cable the 17th edition fuse board will trip out in milliseconds preventing you from getting an electric shock. Depending on how many circuits are on your old fuse board depends on the fuse board we install because will always where possible try to leave you with at least 2 spare ways in the fuse board for extra circuits that you might need in the future.
We can change your old fuse board for a 17th edition fuse board in less than a day so you won’t be inconvenienced for too long.

The 17th edition fuse boards have been designed for maximum protection combining MCB and RCD protection. The MCB stands for Miniature Circuit Breaker and RCD stands for Residual Current Device. To the general public this won’t mean a lot but I will try to explain what each are. The MCB has replaced the old fuse wire and has gradually got better and better for reliability over the years. If a short circuit fault occurs the fuse wire would blow leaving you a 10 minute job trying to replace the fuse wire, the MCB replaced the fuse wire and should a short circuit fault occur you would reset the MCB after repairing the fault. The RCD is a different type of protection is detects differences between a live cable and the earth cable also the neutral and earth cable. The RCD protects the earth cables against earth leakages and prevents you receiving an electric shocks.

CBailey Electrical 24/7 Emergency Call out Electrician Leicester

If you require a electrician Leicester immediately for an electrical emergency we offer a 24/7 Emergency Call out service it doesn’t matter what time of day or night it is if you need a electrician NOW! please don’t hesitate to call me. Emergency 24/7 CBailey Electrical electrician Leicester just click on the link below for our emergency telephone numbers.

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Latest Solar Panel Installation.

With the ever increasing prices in energy bills a lot of people are investing in Solar Panels and other energy save methods and devices. To a certain degree the solar panels are relatively new. The Solar Panels have been around for over 10 years now but they are slowly popping up in every town and villages. The solar panel installation below is in a farmers field and there are 210 solar panels which have been connected to a 3 phase 400v supply. As you can see there are a lot of solar panels in the farmers field from the solar panels we dug a trench in the field and buried all the cables that connect to the solar panels in a flexi ducting. The cables entered a small plant room close to floor level. We mounted the DC cables from the solar panels onto some cable tray and neatly zipped tied all the cables onto the cable tray. Because of the size of the solar panel installation we had to install three 3 phase inverters, you can see them in the photos the inverters are the three large blue boxes. Each inverter was separately feed from the 3 phase fuse board you can see in the middle of the photo.

Photo 1
Photo 2
Photo 3
Photo 4

Solar Panel Installation

Solar Panels Installation – Inverters

The solar panel inverters turn the DC energy that is being generated into AC energy that can be either used in the home or returned back to the grid and earn you some revenue in the process. That is what these inverters do, for example if you go to work during the day time all the energy that has been generated from the solar panels during the day time will be sent back to the national grid and earn the house holder a good return on their investment. If on the other hand you are in the house all day cooking, cleaning, washing and drying then the energy that is being generated will be used by the householder and if there is any energy that is left over this will go back to the grid. If you need a little more energy to what the solar panels are generating then you will be using energy from grid. The inverters have both AC and DC inside them. Visit our latest work carried out by our Electrician Leicester.

Solar Panels Installation – Strings

Every solar panel installation has at least 1 string, a string is a group of solar panels wired up together and a pair of cables that come from the solar panels a positive and a negative is a string. It all depends on the solar panels you are installing to how many strings you need as well as the input voltage to the inverters. This installations had 4 strings on each of the three runs of solar panels. Therefore we had to install an isolator for each string that we connected to the inverters. You can see the isolators in the photos they are small square boxes with a black rotating switch in the center. The isolators are to turn off the DC energy when you need to do any maintenance to the inverters.

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